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The WMF environment and climate goals

We are aware of our responsibility in terms of environmental and climate protection. That is why we follow the climate strategy and environmental guidelines of Groupe SEB and integrate environmental and climate protection issues into all areas of WMF – from purchasing to production to logistics. We prevent environmental pollution at all our sites, thereby reducing not only the negative environmental impact of the production sites themselves, but also the impact of our products.

The WMF environmental concept “EnvPro@WMF”

A comprehensive environmental project

Talking about the climate crisis is one thing, taking action is another. Our environmental concept “EnvPro@WMF” is applied in all business areas. The comprehensive environmental project integrates the sustainability approach into the strategy of the individual business units and includes well-founded topics and projects which are linked to clear facts.
WMF environmental project
Sustainable working methods

Working methods in harmony with our environment

EnvPro@WMF is in line with Groupe SEB’s guidelines and reflects the ideas for a better future as well as the Group’s environmental process and eco-design guidelines. The breakdowns included in the concept give all departments and employees a clear understanding and define future working methods that are in harmony with our environment. Furthermore, EnvPro@WMF also supports the current management systems ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

A clear concept

Above all, our strength lies in the trust that our customers, trading partners, suppliers and employees place in the Group and its brands. We want to meet these expectations with active measures.
WMF Klimakonzept

Ethics and human rights

We ensure compliance with human rights and ethical principles in our factories and in the factories of our suppliers.

  • Human rights are respected in all our activities.
  • We manage human rights risks with our suppliers by means of a responsible purchasing policy.
  • We ensure the protection of data/personal data of employees and consumers (“digital ethics”).

Recycling and recycled materials

We secure our supply of raw materials by means of recycling.

  • We reclaim old products with a high residual value.
  • We exploit the technical, economic and ecological potential of recycled materials.
  • We are developing an ecological packaging policy.


Reduction of GHG* emissions from our production sites.

  • We ensure optimized energy management at our production sites.
  • We are accelerating the integration of energy and climate impacts into investment decisions taken by production facilities.
* GHG: greenhouse gas


We are reducing GHG emissions in our logistics processes.

  • We ensure efficient monitoring of the CO2footprint associated with our logistics processes.
  • We work with our logistics suppliers to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Different areas work together (logistics, industry, R&D) to reduce the CO2footprint of our logistics processes.

Environmentally friendly workplace

We are reducing the GHG emissions of our offices and shops.

  • We ensure optimized energy management at our offices and shops.
  • We are reducing the CO2footprint of our traveling employees.
  • We are reducing the CO22footprint of our IT tools.
  • We are raising awareness among our employees regarding environmentally friendly actions.

The three core processes of EnvPro@WMF

Agreement on responsible purchasing

We ensure that our suppliers respect the principles of the UN Global Compact, international human rights agreements and International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.  ILO = International Labour Organization 

Compliance with social standards

We regularly conduct ethical, social and environmental audits of our suppliers to assess their compliance with our social standards (WCA & BSCI). 

WCA= Workplace Condition Assessment 
BSCI=Business Social Compliance Initiative


We ensure the prevention of environmental pollution in our production environment. Our objective: continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of all sites.


We ensure sustainable internal manufacturing standards to reduce energy consumption. We consider the reduction of energy consumption to be an important goal in all our investments. Our objective: reduce the amount of CO2at all locations and to use renewable energies.


We are strengthening our cooperation and launching new initiatives with partners and suppliers to reduce resources in production. Our objective: reduce waste of any kind in production.

Plastic prevention

We focus on materials that are easily recyclable and avoid the use of plastic wherever possible. This applies to both the production of our products and their packaging. Our goal: Ecological packaging without plastic or polystyrene elements and made from 90% recycled fibers.

Energy consumption during transport

We ensure transport efficiency and the use of sustainable transport technologies and methods.

Warehouse energy consumption

We ensure sustainable warehouse standards andeine a continuous reduction in energy consumption.


We work together with partners*inneand suppliers to continuously reduce resources for storage and transport with a focus on waste.