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Premium supplier with a premium look

As a premium manufacturer, WMF stands for first-class, high-quality products that turn every culinary moment into a pleasurable experience.
The new brand identity aims to convey this image of ourselves even more strongly to the outside world, and underline what sets us apart from other providers.
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The tradition of reinventing oneself

If you take a look at WMF’s track record alone, there should be no need to change course: excellent ratings in customer surveys, recipient of multiple Best Brands Awards and among the market leaders in many product segments. But the courage to embrace change and (self-)renewal has always been a central theme at WMF. So instead of resting on its laurels, the company is daring to make a fresh start. WMF is a strong brand, but this is exactly why its external image is often imitated by others.

The new brand identity aims to draw a clear line in this regard. Under the motto “Feel Perfection”, the desire for pleasure is aroused with all the senses. The products are not only presented in a sophisticated manner, they are also depicted as true luxury goods and the “Premium” brand concept is taken to a new level. While other companies also like to advertise with the “Premium” label – all too liberally and often groundlessly – WMF makes its own premium quality tangible in every image, and leaves no doubt as to the exceptional nature of its products.

Pleasure mit WMF

Recognition value through
unique visuals

The new look is refined and elegant, modern and minimalistic, and focuses on individual products and personal gourmet moments. The casual, straightforward look of the past has given way to a stylish ambiance that exudes sophistication and perfection. Strong contrasts and the deliberate use of light create an intimate and yet intense overall atmosphere. The imagery features expressive faces and people who feel extraordinary in their individually perfect moment thanks to WMF products.

“Our campaign focuses less on specific products and more on the WMF brand. The gourmet moments of preparing, cooking, eating and drinking are experienced as an outstanding and individual overall experience.”

Ajda Liman
Vice President Brand & Product Marketing


Quality at first glance

With its new brand identity, WMF is now also conveying its unique premium quality in external communications. And it is emphasizing the fact that outstanding product quality alone is no guarantee for long-term success – an innovative spirit and the willingness to reinvent oneself are what sets a real premium supplier apart from the competition.

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