That special something on the laid table

What constitutes the quality of a hotel? Service on the one hand of course, as well as the equipment and condition of the hotel and its rooms. But most of all: the small details. Especially in dining rooms and breakfast rooms, it’s the little things that turn a pleasant hotel or restaurant stay into a delightful experience. Add the perfect touch to your guests’ experience in your hotel: with high-quality brand-name cutlery and buffet solutions from HEPP.

Market leader in terms of variety

As one of the leading international suppliers of tableware, for each of our products we deliver quality in several respects. High-quality materials and flawless workmanship play an equally important part as impressive design and maximum utility in daily use. With this in mind, we offer everything you need for displaying, serving and delighting your guests – from cutlery and coffee jugs to chafing dishes and food distribution systems. This makes our range of tableware and serving equipment the most diverse on the market.
HEPP Variety of offers
HEPP Products

Reliable partner to the world of hotels and gastronomy

Our production is ultra-modern, our distribution network is international. Reliability when it comes to advice, delivery and product quality has been our highest priority since the company was founded in 1863. Today, HEPP products cater for sophisticated hospitality in over 90 countries at exclusive establishments such as the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, the US five-star hotels of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and many other reputable premium hotels. Our range is not limited exclusively to hotels: restaurants, cruise lines, airlines and railway companies around the world also trust in our sense of quality.

Modern elegance and timeless beauty

In addition to reliable functionality, the design aspect of our products has always played a major role at HEPP. As the inventors of hotel silverware, we know how important design and appearance are for a satisfying experience in hotels and restaurants. That’s why we see our products as creative and aesthetic elements on the laid table. Whether a basic piece or an accessory: all the items are characterized by a unique shape and design language, and every single aspect is designed down to the smallest detail. We are also happy to refine and design tableware individually according to our customer’s wishes – and can even repair tableware through our repair service, if necessary.
modern cutlery from HEPP
HEPP Quality

Quality since the very first day

In 1863, the brothers Carl and Otto Hepp founded the company. Even back then, the premise was: to provide high-quality, reliable and unique products.

HEPP Inventor

Inventor of hotel silverware

In 1871, Carl Hepp developed a process for silver plating. The “Hepp 90 brothers” or “hotel silverware” became a milestone as well as the cornerstone of the company’s success.

Hepp Innovation

Innovative strength in tradition

The development of ever-new processes and products as well as flexible production are still important factors for our self-image and self-expectation.

Highlights of our product range and services

TRILOGIE cutlery collection 

Confident and unmistakable right down to the smallest detail

The cutlery captivates with an elegant shape and familiar proportions. The handle also stands out thanks to its sophisticated transition. Another feature which makes TRILOGIE unique is its natural movement, which runs towards the front of the cutlery item in an elegant curve. The handle, with its alternating diagonal profile edge which comes together at the tip to form a triangular shape, gets its inspiration from a freshly-picked twig in nature.

HEPP Buffet Concept
Sequence buffet concept
Sequence buffet concept

The art of tasteful serving

The Sequence buffet concept combines unique design and business investment security. With its diagonal cut and asymmetrical trapezoidal shape, it is a unique eye-catcher. Modules in different versions can be assembled to suit the environment in which the buffet concept is used. At the same time, Sequence can be easily combined with other buffet solutions from HEPP. High-quality materials such as wood, porcelain, stainless steel and textiles guarantee long-lasting reliability in terms of function and aesthetics.
HEPP Lenista
LENISTA cutlery collection
LENISTA cutlery collection

Culinary experiences with feeling

The 17-piece LENISTA cutlery collection proves that design is not just a means to an end at HEPP. The hammered texture on both sides of the handle exudes rustic elegance while creating a unique tactile experience. This contrasts with the comparatively discreet appearance of the polished surfaces. The result is a strong silhouette with soft and balanced contours, and a look that harmonizes with both modern and classic porcelain. What’s more, LENISTA combines perfectly with the STREETFOOD collection, whose design inspired the hammered texture.
HEPP Besteck
Surface treatment
Surface treatment

More than the finishing touches

Sometimes it does come down to appearance: we refine the surface of your cutlery so that it fits perfectly into the ambiance you have created. As the inventor of hotel silverware and with over 150 years of experience, silver plating is one of our areas of expertise. In addition, however, we also offer PVD color coating in a wide range of colors, machine stonewashing for a special vintage look or glass bead blasting. And we can create a completely individual design in line with your ideas. The best approach is for us to give you personal advice.
HEPP Service

Service & Repair

HEPP has exceptional expertise, which is particularly appreciated by the brand's customers:

Among other things, the “Service & Repair” division makes silverware from traditional houses around the world shine in new splendour, provides a new serrated edge or transforms cutlery collections into individual masterpieces. This division represents a unique selling point in the industry and shows the importance that the precious pieces of silver still have today and why the aspect of sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant.