Quality and production

As a leading premium manufacturer, our product range aims to combine the highest quality with sophisticated design and outstanding functionality.This also includes offering our customers an inspiring shopping experience and winning them over through first-class customer service before, during and after the purchase of our products.

A quality promise with a future

The quality factor plays a decisive role in the entire life cycle of a product. The aim: Excellent customer satisfaction through closed quality control loops – from development and production through delivery and service to feedback and its implementation in development. A loop that closes yet always remains open to change.

WMF employee


We are committed to our corporate responsibility in relation to our activities. This includes working conditions, integrity and conduct, legal compliance and respect for the environment and society, for instance. With the Code of Ethics, we give our employees a group-wide focus.
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Quality standards

We set high standards for ourselves and our products, and strive for the best quality. This also applies to the choice of materials, craftsmanship, our image and our service. Modern quality and environmental management systems ensure that our products and services are the best solutions with great advantages for our customers.
WMF Quality Management

Quality management

Our quality management is certified ISO 9001; environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety management system complies with ISO 45001.  We focus on domestic manufacturing of our products and our own production sites abroad. We also have a global quality organization, which accepts all goods produced and tests them in accordance with statutory requirements.

Evaluating impact

We are aware of the fact that, despite our best efforts, our activities, services and the products themselves all have an impact on the environment and natural resources. It is therefore our duty to communicate, evaluate and minimize – or completely avoid – these impacts. Our “EnvPro@WMF” environmental concept goes one step further: it integrates the sustainability approach into the strategy of the individual divisions and conveys a clear understanding within the company of how work is performed in harmony with the environment.
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WMF quality standards

Further developing quality standards

We consider the excellent quality, safety and sustainability of our products and services to be a pillar of our success. We are driven by the expectations of our customers and partners, and we are thus continuously developing our quality standards.

Training employees

Our employees are responsible for quality, environmental protection and improvement of energy performance in their own area of activity. This way, we always create and improve workflows and processes together.
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WMF production

Assessing environmental sustainability

New systems, spare parts, goods and services are procured under consideration of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and lifecycle costs.

Enhancing sustainability

We have a long-term, sustainable outlook in all respects. The issues of quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency all have the same high status within our organization’s management system. We consider our fundamental objective in the creation of products, processes and jobs to be the occupational safety and health protection of our employees, partners and customers.
WMF quality inspection

Our production

High quality requirements worldwide

Geislingen, Hayingen, Riedlingen, Diez, Zuchwil, Domažlice, Montebello and Heshan together form a state of the art manufacturing network for knives, pots, pans, cutlery, coffee machines and baking pans. Automated production islands ensure high productivity with maximum flexibility. Where required, quality is ensured through manual work. We set our own WMF high quality standards for all products, regardless of the geographical location of the production facility.

Knife production with patented Performance Cut technology at the Hayingen site.
WMF Fusiontec, a revolutionary material for cookware, produced at the  Riedlingen site.
The birthplace of WMF.

Coffee machine production at the Geislingen site is of huge importance for the entire Group. Thanks to our manufacturing depth and many years of expertise, we are able to respond individually to the wishes of our customers and partners when building the machines.

Area: 57.000 m2
Production: WMF 1500 S+, WMF 5000 S+, WMF 1100 S, WMF 1300 S, WMF Espresso, WMF 9000 F
Special feature: WMF coffee machines always offer the highest quality. And thanks to an intelligent modular principle, they can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer.
Competence center for glass ceramics. Cookware production in Riedlingen stands for more than 100 years of expertise and products with the ‘Made in Germany’ seal. Area: 26.000 m2
Production: Cooking, pressure cooking, special cooking, steaming, frying, storage
Special feature: The site is our competence center for glass ceramics. This is where WMF Fusiontec is produced: through a process during which more than 20 natural raw materials such as quartz and feldspar are fused with a special iron-steel core to create outstanding cookware.
Cutting-edge production.

Knives of the highest quality and with patented Performance Cut technology are manufactured in Hayingen, Swabia. The site represents the link between tradition and innovation.

Area: 6.000 m2
Production: up to 3,000 knives per day
Special feature: The knives are forged traditionally – rather than through an automated process – from one piece, and are therefore perfectly balanced.
Cumulative baking experience.

„With over 100 years of baking experience, ‘Made in Germany’ is written in big letters here at the site in Diez. Sustainable, effective and flexible manufacturing – with a competent, broad and in-depth product range.“

Area: 10.619 m2
Production:Metal baking pans from the “Kaiser” brand
Besonderheit: We can draw on over 100 years of baking experience.
Production site for Schaerer.

„Highest level coffee expertise – this is what Schaerer’s production facility at the site in Zuchwil (CH) stands for. ‘Swiss coffee competence’ says it all and it offers customers all over the world the ultimate coffee enjoyment based on customized concepts, adapted to individual needs.“

Area: 17.000 m2
Production: Coffee machines from the Schaerer brand for 125 years
Special feature: The focus is on the prompt implementation of customer-specific wishes and the agile, flexible response to projects of all sizes.
Expertise in surface finishing.

Manufacturing at the Domažlice (CZ) site is distinguished by its expertise in cutting and forming stainless steel, and constitutes a ‘center of excellence’ in surface finishing.

Area: 4.300
Produkcion: Cutting and shaping stainless steel, surface treatment and finishing, assembly
Special feature: Many products are manufactured in Domažlice for the professional sector, such as coffee machine accessories and muesli dispensers.
Produktionsstandort für Curtis.

At its facility in Montebello, California, Curtis produces a comprehensive range of professional filter coffee machines. The brand promise ‘the art of brewing’ shows that we understand the art of brewing coffee.

Area: 16.000 m2
Production: 10 production lines, ranging from the manufacture of coffee or tea serving containers to coffee and tea brewers
Special feature: The assembly area operates with just-in-time and lean manufacturing technologies.
Cutlery expertise.

High-quality table cutlery is produced at the Heshan site: with tremendous manufacturing expertise for scratch-resistant Cromargan Protect, the perfect cut for the sharpest knives, and uniquely complex cutlery design.

Area: 40.000 m2
Production: Premium table cutlery, kitchen knives, pot handles
Special feature: Outstanding expertise in high-quality cutlery.
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