The WMF world of work

We have been continuously developing for 170 years and have a strong presence on the international market with our three business units Consumer, Professional Coffee Machines and Professional Hotel Equipment. From pressure cookers to the first fully automatic coffee machine – the list of our product innovations is long. We have won hundreds of awards for the design of our products, and our customers value the premium quality that is characteristic of WMF products.

We owe all this success to our employees. Therefore, it is important to us to maintain a working environment in which our employees feel comfortable and are able to develop professionally. Find out more here about working at WMF and what it has to offer you.

The values of our employees

Working at WMF
Entrepreneurial spirit meets passion for innovation, team spirit meets respect for people and the environment: For us at WMF, it is very important to maintain this balance. By this, we mean both the balance between work and private life and the balance between corporate success and ethical action, which has been a high priority at WMF since the founder generation.
What else is important to us? A culture of trust, in which we learn from mistakes, show the courage to take personal responsibility and cultivate open and constructive cooperation. This is naturally also reflected in the management style, which is characterized by common goals, solidarity, and transparency.

Entrepreneurial drive

– Global vision
– Driver of change
– Determination
– Initiative and agility


Passion for innovation

– Love of the product
– Trailblazer
– Boldness



– Expertise
– High standards
– Pragmatism


Respect for people

– Respect
– Loyalty
– Social responsibility

Team spirit

Group spirit

– Shared ambition
– Trust
– Transparency

Your advantages

We set the highest standards for ourselves and strive for the best quality. This applies both to our products and to us as an employer. Find out what you can expect from us in addition to trust, transparency, a family environment, and intercultural teams.


From performance-related payment models to company pension schemes – we express our appreciation financially as well as in other ways. This also includes an attractive bonus system for our store employees.

Work-life balance

In many areas, we have a 35-hour week that is covered by collective agreements, with annual leave of up to 30 days.


We support you in reconciling work and family life. For example, we cooperate with childminding associations. In addition, our employees have access to free and confidential counseling in challenging life situations thanks to our collaboration with pme Familienservice.

Employee discounts

You will receive a discount on all our WMF products. In addition, you will have access to the Corporate Benefits app, which allows you to benefit from attractive reductions on many other top brands as well as numerous other discounts, e.g., for events, travel, or sports.

Flexible working

Thanks to flexitime, many departments offer their employees the option to make their working hours more flexible within the scope of operational requirements. In addition, it may be possible for employees to complete a portion of their working hours from home depending on the requirements and the employee’s personal situation and role.


Whether it’s in on-site or online seminars, whether it’s to achieve a higher level of qualification or out of personal interest, whether you’re a trainee or a manager: We recognize, support, and develop talent and offer a comprehensive development program for this purpose.


Your health is important to us. We provide for your wellbeing with functional advanced equipment, occupational health management, a company doctor, and the highest safety standards. In addition, our cooperation partner pme Familienservice offers free, confidential consultation on topics relating to physical and mental health.


We specialize in coffee specialties. It is not without reason that we are a world leader in the market for professional fully automatic coffee machines. In addition to free coffee, you will have access to a company restaurant, a canteen or other catering options depending on the location, partly with meal subsidies.


Across all locations, you benefit from good accessibility by public transport. Depending on the location, you can also use free parking. In addition, our employees can rent electric bikes or cars on preferential terms thanks to a collaboration with a rental company.

Employee events

Whether summer parties, anniversary celebrations or barbecues – we regularly offer our employees the opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, to get to know new colleagues and to celebrate the achievement of certain goals or milestones.

Development through advanced training

At WMF, we are convinced that lifelong learning is the best way to keep pace with changes in a globalized and increasingly complex working world. We actively support our employees in mastering challenges and want to give them a wide range of opportunities for further development. With well-trained employees, we increase our agility, competitiveness, and competence as a company.
Continuing education at WMF
Employee review at WMF
Our development and training opportunities are flexible, targeted and tailored to your needs. In consultation with the employee, we identify individual training needs and take appropriate measures. All qualifications are managed via our internal learning platform, regardless of whether they take place online or in the training room. Self-directed learning and active use of digital learning opportunities are playing an increasingly important role.

Accelerate your development here

  • Professional qualifications from production to marketing and sales
  • Product and sales training for all customer-facing employees
  • Development programs for young talent and for the first leadership role
  • Promotion of advanced training measures for higher qualification (e.g., to become a business management specialist, technician, or master craftsman)
  • Personal skills development from communication to conflict management and self-leadership
  • Online English training for all levels
  • IT training from SAP to Excel
  • Certificates (e.g., trainer aptitude examination or qualified electrical person)
  • Occupational safety from fire protection to first aid training
Qualification at WMF

The WMF company restaurant

Regionality at the WMF company restaurant
From the region for the region
From the region for the region

Local produce

It is important to us to work together with direct producers from the region to procure eggs, meat, flour from the mill and fresh vegetables. The company restaurant in Geislingen (Steige) also takes seasonality into consideration, and its purchasing strategy has a strong focus on regional organic quality.
For love of the environment
For love of the environment

Focus on

Sustainability is particularly important when it comes to processing animals: The kitchen team processes whole animals slaughtered specifically for WMF catering according to the “From nose to tail” and “From farm to table” concepts. We also ensure a high standard of environmental sustainability in the disposal of biowaste via the biogas plant.
A meeting place for the region
A meeting place for the region


The company restaurant offers its meals not only to WMF employees but also to many other groups of people from the region, providing a space for people from various backgrounds to come together. For example, students of Nürtingen-Geislingen University, employees of other companies as well as pensioners can come here to enjoy their lunch.

People at WMF

Our employees will tell you more about working at WMF and our special career paths in their own individual stories.

Our locations in Germany

Geislingen (Steige) has been the headquarters of WMF since our company was founded. Almost 1,500 employees work here, a large proportion of them in central administration. Our professional WMF brand coffee machines are produced here. WMF Platz 1, 73312 Geislingen (Steige)
In Riedlingen on the southern edge of the Swabian Jura, we develop and manufacture high-quality pots, frying pans, roasting pans, and other cookware for WMF Fusiontec with a total of around 200 employees. Neufraer Straße 6, 88499 Riedlingen
Blacksmithing meets automation, serrated edges meet laser technology: In Hayingen, high-quality WMF brand knives are produced with a high level of vertical integration. Approximately 100 employees work at the site in the district of Reutlingen. Münsinger Straße 14, 72534 Hayingen
Kaiser brand metal baking pans are produced in Diez near Limburg. The W.F. Kaiser u. Co. GmbH site employs around 90 people and comprises areas devoted to sheet metal processing, tool manufacture, maintenance, and logistics as well as technical and commercial administration. Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 28, 65582 Diez (Lahn)
Our state-of-the-art ProLOG Logistics logistics center is located in Dornstadt near Ulm. The site was significantly expanded in 2020: We now have 50,000 square meters of utilizable space on which a total of 180 employees handle the distribution of WMF, Kaiser and Silit brand products. Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 3, 89160 Dornstadt
In the Swabian town of Jettingen-Scheppach, around 65 employees manage the WMF small electrical appliances business. Messerschmittstrasse 4, 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach
proHeq GmbH, located in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, is a subsidiary of WMF GmbH with around 150 employees and unites the HEPP and WMF Professional Hotel Equipment brands under its roof. Carl-Benz-Str. 10, 75217 Birkenfeld
Our smallest location can be found directly in the heart of Munich, just a stone’s throw from the Stachus and the central station. This site has around 15 employees, who are primarily responsible for overseeing digital marketing and the WMF online shop. Hackerbrücke 6, 80335 München

Current vacancies


Do you have specific questions for our personnel department? Use our contact form with the subject “HR” and write to us. We look forward to hearing from you.
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International careers

Since 2016, WMF’s global positioning has been even stronger as a result of its affiliation with the French group Groupe SEB, and the company offers you the opportunity to embark on an international career as a specialist or manager. As part of Groupe SEB, we are a driving force in the international market, with more than 340 million products sold worldwide each year.