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International Market Manager

Nina Schmid

„The strong brand awareness and quality of the designs continue to inspire me all these years after joining the company.“
Nina Schmid
International Market Manager

International Market Manager

Nina Schmid, International Market Manager China, is the first point of contact when it comes to WMF’s largest international market – China. In this short interview, she talks about her extremely dynamic day-to-day work.

What makes your job interesting?

The aim of Business Development is to successfully develop the WMF brand at an international level, which is a very varied remit – topics such as products and distribution, but also pricing and communication play an important role. On the one hand, we need to act as a “driver” and actively move the business forward, and on the other hand, we need to act as an “enabler”, i.e., find solutions and make things possible. Cooperation with international colleagues on site as well as with a wide range of departments within WMF is a particular requirement. It is important to be very flexible and able to adapt quickly to new situations. For me, Asia is a particularly exciting region because the markets operate very differently. The market sizes and respective dynamics and trends are just as diverse as the cultures, people, and requirements.

What do you like about WMF?

The strong brand awareness and quality of the designs continue to inspire me all these years after joining the company. I like beautiful things – and there are many of them at WMF. In terms of day-to-day interactions, I am particularly grateful for my superb colleagues. Even in stressful periods, we stick together, are helpful and are always up for some fun in the meantime.

Have you had any experiences with us that particularly linger in your memory?

Business trips to the markets are usually tiring, but also very inspiring and exciting. They provide an opportunity to meet people in person with whom I usually only communicate virtually or by phone. It is also very motivating to see the results of strategies, plans and intensive preparatory work live in our stores. This is one of those experiences that gives me a great motivational boost and keeps me going at full speed.