Best quality of training for the skilled workers of tomorrow

We recognize, promote, and develop talent – and this could include you soon! Around 35 trainees and dual students start their professional future with us every year. In addition, we always offer the opportunity to join us as an intern or working student or as part of a thesis and to gain practical experience in various areas of the company alongside school or university studies.

Your entry-level opportunities at WMF

Practical experience is essential in professional life. That is why we integrate each employee into day-to-day business as quickly and effectively as possible. You can always rely on the support of your experienced colleagues and trust that you are receiving optimal training and support. Both the low dropout rates and the above-average examination results of our trainees prove that our concept works in this respect. We can also proudly say that we train a large proportion of our employees ourselves: The proportion of trainees employed on a permanent basis is extremely high at WMF.
Are you curious to find out more? On this page, you will find our current vacancies for career entrants in addition to more information on the various apprenticeships and dual study programs as well as the benefits we offer you.
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Whether you are passionate about technology, interested in economic processes or place particular importance on contact with people: We have the right apprenticeship or dual study program for you. Our company philosophy is based on offering innovative products for preparing, cooking, eating, and drinking with a sophisticated design. Producing such high-quality branded products requires teamwork on the part of qualified specialists from countless fields. We are all the more proud of the fact that we train a considerable proportion of our employees ourselves.
Below is a brief presentation of our entry-level opportunities for trainees so that you can get an initial overview. You will then find important, more detailed information in the respective job description in our vacancies.

Commercial apprenticeships

Office management



Technical apprenticeships


Industrial mechanics

IT – Systems integration

Technical product design

Dual studies

B.Sc. Business Information Systems / IMBIT

B.A. Business Administration / International Business

B.A. Business Administration / Digital Business Management

B.A. Business Administration / Forwarding, Transport & Logistics

B.A. Media Design

B.Eng. Industrial Engineering

B.Eng. Mechatronics – MechatronikCom model

B.Eng. Embedded Systems / General Eng.

The benefits you will enjoy at WMF

In order to produce the best products, we also need the best specialists. That is why we offer our trainees top-quality training in a modern and varied working environment.

Innovative training workshop

Are you interested in training or studying in the technical field? Then you’ll love our training workshop: Here you will learn with state-of-the-art machines, cutting-edge robots, and innovative future technologies.

Learning from the best

We learn from each other and with each other – across professions and age groups and in theory and practice. The result: Far above-average examination results and top results within the association, state, and country consistently.

High retention rate

A high retention rate attests to the quality of the training and the good work of our trainees. In our case, this rate is almost 100 percent on average. Have you and your team become inseparable? Then stay with us!

Start your future at WMF

Are you excited about the opportunities we offer young talent? Then apply for the position you want. The application process varies a little depending on the position.

1. Online application

Apply online conveniently. You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. Reviewing your application can take up to four weeks.

2. Recruitment test

If you fit our profile, we will invite you to a written recruitment test. Among other things, this includes arithmetic, language and logic tasks, concentration exercises and job-specific tasks.

3. Personal interview

The next step is a personal interview. Afterwards, we will let you know whether it has worked out.

4. Work confirmation

If you receive an acceptance, please decide within one week whether you will accept the training position. If so, all you need to do is sign the training contract and you will be ready to start your training.

5. Notification

If we can’t consider you, we will let you know as soon as possible after each application stage – and we’d love you to keep an eye on our vacancies going forward.

1. Acknowledgement of receipt

Once you have sent us your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. It can take up to four weeks before you hear from us.

2. Personal interview

If your application has impressed us, the next step is for us to get to know you in a personal interview. If there is mutual interest, a second interview will follow later.

3. Work confirmation

Afterwards, we will inform you whether you will get the study place. If you receive an acceptance, please give us feedback within one week.

4. Notification

If at any point in the application process you have not made it to the next stage, we will inform you as soon as possible. We’d love you to keep an eye on our vacancies going forward.


Wherever possible from an organizational perspective, we offer internships for pupils and students in all commercial and technical vocations.

1. Application

Send your application with letter and CV by e-mail to: State the period and profession you are interested in and attach a copy of your most recent certificate.

2. Personal interview

We will contact you within four weeks and if your application has impressed us, we will invite you to a personal interview or telephone interview.

3. Notification

We will let you know whether you’ve been successful as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work out, simply try again in the future.

Gather experience

As a student trainee, you can gain practical experience, earn some money, and perhaps even pave the way for a future career at WMF.

1. Application

If you are interested, take a look at our vacancies to see if we are currently looking for a student trainee and submit your application. It can take up to four weeks to process your paperwork.

2. Personal interview

If your application has impressed us, we will invite you to a personal interview or telephone interview.

3. Notification

We will let you know promptly whether you’ve made it. If it doesn’t work out this time, please feel free to apply to WMF again in the future.

Gather experience

With a practice-oriented thesis, you can construct your topic in a realistic way and enrich it with real experiences from your everyday professional life.

1. Application

Sometimes we invite tenders for theses specifically in our vacancies. However, the best way is to send us an unsolicited application by email to:

2. Notification

If a suitable position is available, we will give you feedback with a topic proposal within four weeks. And then, we will invite you for a personal chat or a telephone interview.

Gather experience

As a holiday jobber you can get a taste of working life and earn your own money.

1. Application

If you are over 17 years old and have at least two weeks of time next summer, fill out the application form here.

2. Work confirmation

As soon as we have decided whether we can offer you a suitable job, we will contact you.

3. Notification

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email