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Cakes and tarts are the purest form of indulgence. Baking doesn’t always have to be elaborate – but it can be. Improvisation and experimentation are just as acceptable as meticulous precision following a recipe. Kaiser has always stood for passion, creativity and inspiration in baking – and precisely the mixture of tradition and innovation that is needed to fully serve the love of baking.

Special ingredient for the joy of baking

Even when the company was founded over 100 years ago, at KAISER one thing was already certain: not only did we want people to enjoy their baked creations, we also wanted them to enjoy the actual baking process. Today we offer the right equipment for every step – from preparing to baking, through to decorating and serving. Our range includes round and square springform pans, tartlet pans, patterned bases, quiche pans and accessories such as whisks, piping bags and icing spatulas. Sweet or savory, classic or modern, cakes, muffins, cake pops, bread or pizza: you can bake anything with Kaiser.

New recipes for long-standing traditions

In 1968, KAISER launched the world’s first baking pan with a non-stick coating. What is now a truly standard item in every bakery was a total revolution at the time. And not the last revolutionary product we invented: the first springform pan with a completely smooth base (“La Forme Plus”), the first square springform pan (“Quadro”), the clasp for unlocking springform pans with one hand and the KAIRAMIC® ceramic coating are just a small selection of the many innovations with which we have reinvented baking.

From a small business in the Ore Mountains ...

Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser founded his wholesale business for metal goods in the Ore Mountains in 1919. Soon after, KAISER was supplying department stores all over Germany with baking pans.

... to the market leader for baking pans

After the Second World War, KAISER quickly became one of the market leaders for baking pans and accessories.

A true original

KAISER revolutionized the baking world in 1968 with the first non-stick baking pan. It is not without reason that the pan is still known as “the original” in professional circles.

German quality work

In 1978, KAISER relocated its company headquarters to Diez an der Lahn in Rhineland-Palatinate. The production facility is still active here today, delivering the highest quality Made in Germany.

An international brand

KAISER is part of WMF based in Geislingen (Steige). At the end of 2016, WMF joined the French Groupe SEB.

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