Ultimate coffee quality for every taste

For some people, coffee is a stimulant and fuel, for others it’s a philosophy of life and a delicacy. Some like it black, some with milk and sugar, and some with all the added extras. With such diverse coffee tastes, coffee machines for professional use must be just as versatile. That’s why at Schaerer we design and configure coffee machines to meet your exact individual requirements – for maximum flexibility and perfect coffee enjoyment in the cup.

Individual tastes best

Every cup of coffee should be as unique as the person drinking it. That’s why we attach great importance to offering you and your company individually customized solutions. All it takes is a small but clever product portfolio: with personal advice, we find the exact solution to meet your needs and your business model. And thanks to the versatile configurability of our products, we adapt them precisely to your individual needs and requirements. True to the motto: “We love it your way.”
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Experience and share coffee competence

Coffee is a science in itself. Therefore, besides our unique flexibility, our extensive expertise in this area is what sets us apart. Over the decades, our 360° coffee competence has made us one of the leading providers of integrated fully-automated coffee and milk solutions. However, our experience and expertise not only flow into the development of new products – we also share them. Since 1999, we have been delivering training courses for employees, customers and partners at our in-house Coffee Competence Center (CCC). The course content ranges from basic knowledge about coffee to expert knowledge of the coffee machine functionality. And just like our products, a key aspect of our workshops is that they are individually tailored to our customers’ needs.

Swiss engineering

Precision is indispensable for the success of the perfect coffee. That’s why at Schaerer we combine pleasurable sensuality with technical excellence. As a Swiss manufacturer headquartered in Zuchwil, Solothurn, we stand for the quality and reliability for which the region enjoys worldwide acclaim in the watch industry and medical technology sector. At the same time, we are always thinking a little further ahead and see ourselves in particular as an innovation driver in the digitalization of the coffee world – with unique professional digital solutions, such as for harnessing and utilizing customer data and creating unique customer experiences.
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Our story

Over 125 years of successful history speak for themselves: not only do we know what makes good coffee, we also understand what is important to our customers.

Find the ideal machine

Whether it’s for a few dozen or several hundred cups a day: a professional coffee machine must reliably provide consistent beverage quality. But besides this, the interplay of many other factors is important for making sure the machine is perfectly suited to your individual needs.
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What drinks, extras and functions do you want your coffee machine to offer? Will it be operated by qualified personnel or used for self-service – a popular choice in offices or hotel dining rooms, for example? The individual circumstances also play an important role, such as the available space or the desired payment system.

We help you find the ideal model and configuration for your company and business model. In other words: we meet your wishes so that you can meet the wishes of your customers and employees.

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Coffee Soul

Coffee Soul

Customizable all-rounder in a fresh design

The Schaerer Coffee Soul with its unique “Select” concept is a real all-rounder: thanks to their modular design, a wide choice of functions and additional accessories, both the Coffee Soul 10 and 12 models can be precisely customized to suit a variety of operational environments and requirements. And with their modern, distinctive look, the machines look at least as good as the coffee they brew tastes.