Employees and society

Global challenges such as digitalization, changing social values and demographics have also increased expectations towards companies in terms of transparency, fairness, and social responsibility. As an employer in the region, WMF acknowledges its responsibility in this area and is actively working to fulfill it.

Decisions with a future

Our commitment is multifaceted and goes far beyond internal processes, as we also want to be particularly active in areas where important decisions for the future are being made. In order to make our voice heard and actively participate in shaping the future of our society, we are in constant dialog with key authorities, we are active in global networks of experts, and we are members of numerous associations.
WMF Responsibility for the future
WMF expert network

Expert network and memberships

WMF is a member of the Südwestmetall [Southwest Metal] employers’ association, the Haus-, Heiz-, und Küchentechnik e.V. [Home, Heating and Kitchen technology] (HKI) industry association, the Schneid- & Haushaltsware e.V. [Cutlery and Household Goods] (IVSH) industry association, the Landesverband der Baden-Württembergischen Industrie e.V. [Baden-Württemberg State Industry Association] (LVI) and the Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- & Elektronikindustrie e.V. [German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association] (ZVEI).

Our values and corporate culture

The growth and success of WMF are based on the strong values hat are firmly anchored in our corporate history.

Our shared understanding of values shapes the way we manage our company. We are always guided by these values in our relationships with all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, consumers, authorities, associations etc.

Entrepreneurial drive

Passion for innovation
Professionalism and competence
Respect for people
Group spirit

Code of ethics

We have established the Groupe SEB code of ethics, which is available in 11 languages and therefore accessible to all our employees and stakeholders. This code provides us with a reference framework for all our activities by establishing rules of conduct for the individual and for the Group that guide our actions and decisions. That way, our values and beliefs are put into practice every single day. At the same time, we strive for continuous improvement. The code of ethics helps us here to continuously adhere to our principles on a global scale.

Responsible purchasing

As a global company with global suppliers, it is very important to us and to our parent company, Groupe SEB, that we adhere to our principles and values along the entire supply chain. With the help of our responsible purchasing charter, we therefore obligate all our suppliers, regardless of their location, to respect human rights and to comply with the ethical, social, and environmental requirements that we consider fundamental and essential for our cooperation.
WMF ComplianceManagement

Compliance management.

Our active compliance management approach ensures that all our employees are protected. To this end, our Audit and Internal Control Department regularly carries out internal compliance audits at all Groupe SEB and WMF sites. These audits are used to ensure compliance with the Group’s internal rules and procedures.
In addition, mandatory compliance training courses are held every year to raise the general awareness of our employees.

Culture of feedback at WMF

Feedback culture

The ability to give feedback is a key component for the development of our employees. For this reason, internal development programs for managers explore the topic of employee development through feedback in great detail. Regular feedback meetings are held for employees to discuss performance, development, and individual opportunities for professional advancement. Yet as an employer, WMF also regularly obtains feedback within the framework of a comprehensive employee survey conducted by the “Great Place to Work” external service provider and draws up improvement actions based on the results.

Occupational safety

One of WMF’s top priorities has always been to guarantee and promote the health and safety of our employees. For this reason, all our sites are certified according to the ISO 45001 standard, and the applicable national occupational health and safety laws, regulations, and other requirements to which WMF is committed are consistently followed and integrated into day-to-day business.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions

At WMF, strong focus is placed on the prudent and responsible actions of each individual in the context of occupational safety. This means that all employees and managers are intensively involved in occupational safety consultations and encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of occupational safety and to advocate for its continuous improvement.

WMF responsible shopping

Safety with initiative

“Short Interval Management” (SIM) is a key component. By this we mean the motivation to hold meetings at regular intervals to discuss small improvements to everyday working life. Another initiative that improves occupational safety at WMF on a continuous basis are the internal safety visits (VCS). The VCS are a management tool for executives and production managers. Regular safety visits promote dialog with employees and ensure that unsafe conditions in the workplace are eliminated.
Health Management at WMF

Health management

We want to proactively promote the health of all employees. For this reason, we operate an integrated company health management system (BGM), which addresses the issues of health promotion and operational integration measures. The offers range from fitness classes to self-defense courses, relaxation breaks and mobile massages. The BGM also provides supporting materials on nutrition, stress management, work-life balance, and healthy leadership. Also included are initiatives that the employees themselves propose.
WMF Health center

Health center

For more than 70 years, the health center at the WMF site in Geislingen an der Steige has been an established institution in terms of health care for employees. The activities of the company doctor and his team are very extensive and go beyond the legal requirements. Among other things, the company doctor advises management and the works council on health protection issues, offers annual vaccinations to employees on site and plays a central role in reintegrating people whose ability to work has been restricted following a long illness.

WMF Reintegration management

Reintegration management

We are committed to early and permanent reintegration of employees who have been on long-term sick leave as well as the preservation of the respective job and continuity of employment. To implement the BGM system, WMF has set up a company reintegration office, which advises the affected employees and actively supports them during the reintegration process.
WMF Addiction services

Addiction services

A works agreement has been in place since 1991 which is able to provide effective help for addicts. Smokers are also offered the opportunity to participate in an internal stop smoking seminar during working hours. The aim of the works agreement is to help addicts reduce the dangers and burdens associated with the misuse of addictive substances for the company, those affected and their social environment.

Personal development

Led under the guiding principle of “turning potential into performance”, internal personnel development designs processes, systems, and services to promote performance, qualification, development, and commitment. For this reason, a wide range of advanced training courses are available to all employees.
Training at WMF


We recognize, promote, and develop talent and have been training young people in various technical and commercial professions since our founding. A learning experience with us is just like our products: innovative, versatile, and sustainable. Quickly integrating the trainees in real work processes is particularly important to us. Examination results which are well above average and a very low dropout rate confirm our training philosophy.
Studies at WMF


Since 1981, we have been working with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), in addition to other institutions. To this end, WMF offers dual study positions in mechatronics, business information systems, industrial engineering, digital business management administration, international business administration and other fields of study every year.

Charitable commitments and philanthropy

When it comes to charitable commitments and philanthropy, we share a mission with Groupe SEB: combating exclusion. Below are the four key areas that contribute to this objective:
Integration of people through work
Promotion of education and training
Providing households with products that help them maintain a healthy diet

Supporting people who face challenges due to health problems or disabilities

Integration of people with disabilities

We are deeply committed to integrating people with disabilities into the world of work. Our representative for severely disabled employees actively promotes the integration of people with disabilities in the company, represents their interests and provides them with advice. Since 1988, we have been working with the regional branches of Lebenshilfe e.V., which campaigns for the welfare of people with disabilities and their relatives, fights against discrimination and actively contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. We provide employment for people with disabilities and actively integrate them in our operational processes. In addition to this active integration, we offer activities such as site visits with workshops, organize collections of book donations for sale by Lebenshilfe and support the organization financially.
Employee integration
Endowed professorship

Endowed professorship of the “Sustainable Management -

Energy Management / Product Management / Resource Management” study course

We actively promote education as well as the interconnection of science and practice in order to achieve a direct positive effect on society, counteract the shortage of skilled workers and sustainably promote Germany as well as Geislingen an der Steige as business locations. For this reason, we collaborated with Nürtingen-Geislingen University (HfWU) in 2015 to design the “Sustainable Management” study course, which we support in the form of an endowed professorship and which has been awarded the “Innovative through Research” quality seal by Stifterverband. In the interdisciplinary and holistic course of studies, students learn about the economic, legal, and technical aspects of sustainability while also dealing with topics relating to environmental protection, occupational health and safety, management systems, communication, and society as well as companies and the environment.

Product donations with innatura gGmbH

Another area in which we make a sustainable contribution is our cooperation with the nonprofit organization innatura gGmbH – an online platform that arranges donations in kind to nonprofit organizations (NGOs) for those in need. We donate products that are no longer suitable for sale due to changes in the product range or anomalies such as labeling errors but are brand new and in perfect condition. This way, WMF contributes to providing households with products that enable healthy nutrition, extends the life cycle of products and generates access to our products for all.
Innatura product donation
Diversity at WMF

Diversity charter

Creating a respectful and prejudice-free working environment in companies – this is the objective of the “Charta der Vielfalt” [diversity charter], which was signed by WMF in 2021. The Charta der Vielfalt is an initiative aimed at promoting diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of the German Chancellor. By signing it, WMF officially stands for a working environment that values talented people based on their performance – regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and identity or physical ability.
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