Sustainability is part of the equation

We consider many aspects of sustainability when developing our products. How can we produce them in an even more resource-efficient manner? How can we make them even more energy efficient and what ideas can we develop to replace disposable products? WMF also attaches great importance to the quality, durability and repairability of its products.

Professional Coffee Machines

We prioritize reliability, 100% repairability, low-energy loss operation and efficient use of goods in the development of our Made in Germany & Switzerland coffee machines and our coffee machines made in the USA. Our machine models do not only provide excellent coffee, but they also feature a long service life and robust design. In addition, we ensure that our 350 service technicians in Germany travel to our customers in a CO2-neutral manner by taking measures to offset their carbon footprint.


Our products are 100% repairable.

Spare parts guarantee

Recyclability and spare parts guarantee

We are vigilant about recyclability and provide an 8-year spare parts guarantee. However, the service life of the products is often considerably longer.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

We develop our professional coffee machines to be as energy-efficient as possible. This applies both to our service fleet, which is 100% CO2-neutral in Germany thanks to compensation measures, and to the machines themselves, which have, for example, an energy-saving mode and an insulated boiler for improved energy efficiency.

Water conservation

Water conservation

The cleaning programs of our professional coffee machines are designed to use only as much water and detergent as needed.

Consumer Products

Our consumer products have a long service life and often accompany our customers “for life”. It is not uncommon for particular items to be passed down to the next generation.

WMF Fusiontec: 30-year warranty

The “Made in Germany” cookware from WMF Fusiontec combines the speed of copper, the heat storage capacity of cast iron, the scratch resistance of glass, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and the uniform frying results of aluminum. The Fusiontec material is manufactured in a particularly complex procedure. For this purpose, an iron-steel core with several mineral layers applied one after the other is fused into a unique material in various firing processes at extremely high temperatures. The result is rapid heating, excellent heat distribution and storage for energy-saving cooking, and outstanding frying and cooking results. The material properties of WMF Fusiontec also ensure exceptional robustness and durability. WMF therefore provides a 30-year guarantee.*
* The warranty only applies when the product is used as intended. Information is enclosed with the products.
WMF Fusiontec
WMF Cromargan Protect

Cromargan protect®: extremely durable, extremely scratch-resistant, extremely beautiful

Cutlery is meant to be used, not just admired. So it has to be suitable for everyday use and ideally keep its beautiful appearance indefinitely – no matter how often it has been used or how many times it has been in the dishwasher. That is why we produce cookware and cutlery from Cromargan®. The name is made up of the terms “Crom” and “Argan” – “Crom” because the steel has a particularly high chromium content and “Argan” because it has a silver-like appearance. Cromargan protect® is created in a thermochemical treatment process. This involves adding nitrogen to stainless steel at high temperatures, which penetrates into the material and results in a much harder surface after it cools down. The material is acid-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher-safe and therefore of almost unlimited durability. Polished surfaces stay shiny even after years, while matte surfaces stay matte. Even frequent heavy-duty use can’t damage the material.

TransTherm: one base for all kinds of hobs

The most important thing for a good pot is its heat performance. WMF pots have a TransTherm universal base, which consists of a strong aluminum core and is enclosed all around by a chrome steel capsule. Pots with a TransTherm universal base are extremely energy-efficient: The base is cambered during manufacture, giving it a slight inward curvature to prevent deformation at high temperatures. This guarantees stability without energy loss. The perfect balance of thermal storage and heat conduction ensures that the residual heat stored keeps food warm for longer. The TransTherms universal base is also suitable for all modern energy sources – including induction hobs, as the chrome steel used in the capsule is magnetic. Old pots can therefore continue to be used without any problems when switching to a new hob.
WMF TransTherm
WMF MealPrep

Meal prep: sustainability on the go

Our goal is to support our customers in a sustainable lifestyle as well as a healthy one. The Meal Prep trend also follows this philosophy – people who cook can ensure variety, buy regional products and are free to choose fresh ingredients. Moreover, Meal Prep helps prevent plastic waste and avoid throwing away food. Smart to-go products, such as our environmentally friendly lunch boxes, sustainable drinking bottles and reusable to-go cutlery, also help us to reach this goal.
Cutlery set for on the go

WMF My2Go cutlery

With the stylishly modern My2Go cutlery set with reusable drinking straw, make sustainability a part of every meal – wherever life takes you. From breakfast at your desk to lunch on the road and to-go drinks – each item has been carefully thought out in terms of its dimensions and designed for optimal handling and use when you’re on the go. The cutlery set is made from high-quality Cromargan® and is therefore dishwasher-safe, rustproof, easy to clean, neutral in taste and resistant to food acidity. The storage is made of 100% recycled plastic, making it a practical and environmentally friendly solution for on the go. 

Drinking solution for on the go

WMF Waterkant

Whether you’re at work, at school or university, or when you’re playing sports or on vacation: With the stylish Waterkant series, we offer an environmentally friendly drinking solution for on the go. Disposable bottles are no longer necessary, and additional plastic waste can therefore be avoided.  

You can choose between three different lids – Urban, Sport and School. In addition, the Waterkant bottles are available in four different material variants and in up to three different sizes.

Storage and serving system

WMF TopServe

The WMF TopServe storage and serving system stores food and seals in the aroma. What’s more: Thanks to the classic design, the glass bowls are also suitable for serving food. In addition, the containers are sealed with the matching Cromargan® lids. A high-quality silicone seal seals the bowl in a hygienic, airtight manner, while the freshness valve ensures a slight vacuum to seal in the aroma. The integrated drip tray inside the bowl prevents the food from coming into contact with any condensation that may form.

Professional Hotel Equipment

Repair rather than throw away: Special services in this area, which have become rare in the industry, are offered by the Service and Repair Department of the Hotel business unit in Birkenfeld. The business unit breathes new life into old treasures for the dinner table or buffet from top hotels or upscale restaurants so that they have a longer life. This is also a valued service for customers who want to preserve their traditional favorites. The services include repair work such as dent removal, soldering, polishing, cleaning, silverplating and a final polish. Other areas of expertise include sheet metal bending, welding, various cutlery coatings and stamping.
Consumer Brands
Professional Coffee Machines
Professional Hotel Equipment