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Cooking is more versatile and creative than ever before. Countless ingredients, preparation methods and gourmet worlds want to be explored and the taste of home redefined. Cooking is both a shared experience and a chance for “me time”, a hobby and an ultimate pleasure. Silit offers a selection of cookware to suit this variety. For us, cooking is about more than just preparing food. It is one of the most beautiful things in life.

Passion mixed with expertise

The Silit brand stands for cooking with passion and for pleasure as a lifestyle – bringing together different generations, tastes and cultures, and turning ideas into delicacies. We know how important good cookware is – not only for the cooking itself, but also for the finished dish. That is why our products offer the highest quality and enable an authentic-tasting and perfect cooking experience.
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Cooking professionals for more than 100 years

Ever since the first Silit pot came onto the market in 1920, we have been a driver of innovation: with the development of the world’s first pressure cooker Sicomatic® in 1927, for instance, or the invention of Silargan® – an innovative functional ceramic that is neutral taste, easy to clean and extremely resistant. Still today, our aspiration is to continue setting new standards. In doing so, we attach importance to combining functionality and high practical value with appealing design and extraordinary aesthetics. After all, cooking is also a pleasure for our eyes.

Milestones as a recipe for success

Reliable craftsmanship, sophisticated concepts and great attention to detail have formed the basis of our quality promise since the very first day. And to this day, nothing has changed. But this does not mean that we are standing still. We have continued to evolve the Silit brand and our products – and we are always thinking ahead. Through this approach, we have been able to present a whole range of innovative solutions over the past 100 years, which we are still proud of today.


Neutral taste cooking,
flavorsome food

Truly authentic-tasting preparation combined with durability: Silargan® glass ceramic offers both. The material only releases heat during cooking, so that all the ingredients retain their natural aromas. This is thanks to the combination of an extra-strong steel core and several ceramic layers. The result is not only a hard surface that is resistant to cuts and abrasions: the Silargan® steel core conducts the heat right up to the edge of the cookware, ensuring maximum energy efficiency when cooking.

Silit Silargan pot
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