HEPP: Sustainable luxury with tradition

The history of the Hotel Adlon goes back more than 100 years – as does the partnership with the premium manufacturer HEPP.

When the Hotel Adlon opened in 1907, the fine silverware of the brothers Carl and Otto HEPP was already an essential part of the sumptuously set tables at the establishment on Pariser Platz. After the great fire in 1945 and the reopening as part of the luxury hotel group “Kempinski Hotels” 25 years ago, the silverware is still supplied by the HEPP brand to this day.

HEPP und Adlon

Elegant silver pots for coffee and tea as well as stately fruit stands complement breakfast and afternoon tea and are always in interplay with classically elegant cutlery of timeless character. Champagne is served perfectly in elegant coolers, and at large banquets candles in opulent candelabra soak the room in festive candlelight. They create an atmosphere that makes guests feel just as comfortable today as they did 100 years ago.

Service & Repair

Keeping silverware in good condition plays an important role in upscale gastronomy, which is why the expertise of HEPP’s Service & Repair department is held in high esteem. The HEPP experts ensure that the precious silverware always shines in new splendour. With solid craftsmanship, a lot of patience, and considerable expertise, the team reconditions cutlery, silver pots, fruit stands, candlesticks, and champagne coolers.

“When well cared for, high-quality tableware provides traditional houses such as the Adlon with generations of service”, explains Felix Hepp, Manager of Sales HEPP DACH at proHeq GmbH. It is not only tradition that plays an important role: “Silverware from HEPP impresses restaurateurs in particular with its above-average service life and the economic efficiency that goes with it. The possibility of having pieces reconditioned plays a decisive role in this and is also very sustainable”, says Felix Hepp.

The cooperation between HEPP and the Hotel Adlon, which has been maintained for decades, is a match made in heaven. Here, tradition goes hand in hand with sustainability in a very special way. Instead of disposing of the silverware, valuable pieces with history are preserved and shine in new splendour today. Apart from sustainability, this naturally also provides a high degree of cost-effectiveness.

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